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GM's Buick division is placed midway between Chevrolet and Cadillac, offering moderately affluent drivers an entry into luxury cars and crossover SUVs. From earlier years of creating huge sedans and coupes, and past its recent image of comfortable cars for seniors, Buick now positions itself as a brand for younger to middle-aged singles and families. The Encore has become an unexpected hit as a compact crossover. The Enclave is a popular and versatile family hauler. The Verano adds a touch of luxury to the small sedan. Buick owners should expect much from their cars and plan to maintain them with the best-available replacement parts. Get All Parts is the nation's leader in original equipment, aftermarket, and upgrade Buick parts and accessories, including an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.


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Get All Parts is an excellent resource for replacement and upgrade Buck automotive parts. Through Get All Parts, your vehicle is covered from all four corners. Whether you need a bumper assembly, wheels, mirrors, or a radiator, we have thousands of original equipment and aftermarket replacement parts, as well as upgrade accessories, to fit your model, your needs, and your style.

When you order from Get All Parts, you get more than just a product. There are many great benefits to using replacement and upgrade Acura parts and accessories from Get All Parts.

  • Our parts and accessories are top-quality replacements designed for your Buick model.
  • We offer upgrade accessories and packages as affordable enhancements for the appearance of your Buick.
  • We stock thousands of parts, ready to ship to your door.
  • We include an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.
  • Get All Parts guarantees to beat dealer pricing.

With more than 200 warehouses located across the continental United States, we ship your orders from the location nearest you. Our buying power in the automotive marketplace allows us to stock thousands of aftermarket, original equipment, and upgrade parts for just about any model, often below dealer pricing, and pass along great savings to you. Let Get All Parts help you make the improvements and upgrades you want.

Buick history

David Dunbar Buick began his auto company in Detroit in 1903, and then sold it to James Whiting in Flint, Michigan a year later. Whiting brought in William Durant to run Buick's operations, who also helped consolidate General Motors into a multi-brand auto giant. Durant began a sales scheme that continues to this day: Buick is positioned midway between Chevrolet and Cadillac as GM’s entry-level luxury division, offering more amenities than Chevy but not as many as Cadillac.

Early on and into the 1960s Buick made a name for itself, offering massive cars, some of the largest and longest ever sold in the US. Yet while experimenting with SUVs and compact cars in more recent decades, today Buick has reduced its models to only five: the Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse sedans; and the Encore and Enclave crossover SUVs. All of Buick’s vehicles share platforms with Chevrolet "cousin" cars, and also incorporate elements from GM’s former Saturn division and its overseas Opel brand. Buick has distanced its brand from the 1980s and 1990s image of being geared toward older drivers, and now markets toward moderately affluent adults and families.