What is a Reconditioned Wheel?

A Reconditioned Alloy Wheel is a great way to get a quality Replacement Alloy Wheel for your vehicle at a great price. These wheels are used wheels from a donor vehicle that go through a process to be returned to their like new condition.

First an Alloy Wheel is removed from another vehicle. We source the Alloy Wheel from vehicles that have had their wheels replaced, upgraded or slightly damaged. The Original Equipment Wheels come to our facility where the reconditioning process begins. First, the condition of the wheel is determined by a trained technician who will choose the best steps to restore the Alloy Wheel. Once this process begins the wheel is thoroughly cleaned. If there is any structural damage to the Alloy Wheel it is carefully repaired to factory original specifications. Frequently the finish on these Alloy Wheels have wear or imperfections that need to be corrected. The finish is carefully refurbished to match the original specification and look the manufacturer intended. This can result in polishing the wheel or applying paint and clear coat. Once the reconditioning process is complete the Alloy Wheel goes through a stringent quality control test to verify it will function as the manufacture intended and the finish meets Get All Part’s high-quality standards. The Alloy Wheel is now ready to be shipped to the customer.

Reconditioned Alloy Wheels look identical to Original Equipment Alloy Wheels because they are original equipment. At Get All Parts we restore the original function and appearance. Reconditioned Original Equipment Alloy Wheels are guaranteed to fit their intended model in the same manner as new original equipment. The biggest difference is the cost savings to you.

At Get All Parts we back our Reconditioned Alloy Wheels with an Industry Leading Warranty to give you peace of mind that you made the best decision for the look and safety of your vehicle. Why pay more? When you shop with Get All Parts for your Reconditioned Factory Original Alloy Wheels you are getting quality and value.