Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

Perhaps the tire pressure monitoring system light, "Check Tire Pressure" light, or something similar is displaying in your vehicle. Your first reaction is to check each tire’s air pressure, but the measurements read as normal. This is a good indication you may have a faulty sensor to replace.
The tire pressure monitor sensor (TPMS) warning light illuminates when one or more tires have lost 25 percent or more PSI. Low tire pressure causes an increase in tire stress, uneven wear, risk of hydroplaning, diminishing braking performance, and loss of vehicle control. The TPMS is a safety device sensor that measures the air pressure inside each tire. Each sensor transmits real-time measurements of air pressure to the vehicle’s electronic control module. The TPMS is normally installed as a valve-mounted device and is extremely fragile. Replacing a damaged sensor is crucial in maintaining safe driving. You will probably have to replace the sensors when you buy new tires, because the process of tire removal often damages the sensors.
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