Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and shipping

Why can't I complete my order?

Please be sure your Billing address matches your Shipping address. If this is the first time you have ordered or set up an account, the system will not allow you to process your order if the two addresses do not match.

When will my order arrive?

Order processing takes approximately one to two business days after receipt of payment. Orders will be shipped via UPS or freight carrier. Shipping times will vary depending on the method selected.

Can I change my shipping address on an order I have already placed?

To protect your identity and transaction information, we are unable to change the address on an order once it has been confirmed in our system. Should you need to change the shipping address on an order you have already placed before it has shipped, please contact Customer Support. We will cancel your order and resubmit it with your new shipping address.

Why are shipping costs higher for some used parts?

Get All Parts must assess additional shipping charges for used parts such as engine assemblies, transmission assemblies, axle assemblies, and hybrid/electric battery packs. The weight and bulk of such items requires that we ship them via freight carriers that typically charge higher fees. Additional costs stem from the care and packing materials necessary to ensure these items arrive to you as they were shipped. Also, we charge an additional fee for residential delivery of freight items.

For more information on this topic, visit our shipping information page.

Why are extended warranty prices different depending on the item I want to purchase?

The prices of the extended warranties we offer on used auto parts depends on the part types and their shipping weight. The prices you see quoted for a particular part are unique to that part and will ensure you receive the desired level of coverage.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. For customers outside the United States, we use Bongo services, which you may select during check out.

Can I arrange for my own shipping?

No. Our use of UPS for most parts shipping is a fast and cost-effective way to get parts to you. We carefully selected commercial carriers to provide the best domestic coverage and care for heavier items. By allowing us to package your items, select the best shipping method, and coordinate freight transportation, you are guaranteed the most secure and efficient service at the best possible price.


What are the differences between aftermarket parts, recycled original-equipment parts, and remanufactured original-equipment parts?

Aftermarket auto parts are not made by your auto's manufacturer, but by third-party companies. These aftermarket parts are made to the exact specifications of your vehicle and are guaranteed to fit and function exactly as your original equipment. Get All Parts is highly selective about the aftermarket parts manufacturers we work with, and we guarantee every one of these parts with an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.

Recycled original-equipment parts are salvaged from donor vehicles, which we purchase either directly from their owners or from insurance companies following total-loss incidents. These parts are inventoried according to their condition and usability at the time of salvage.

Remanufactured original-equipment parts also come from donor vehicles, but receive additional repairs, cleaning, and reconditioning to return them to normal operating condition.

What should I expect to receive with my used parts purchase?

Although the condition and specifications of each used part available on Get All Parts varies, these are generally what you should expect to receive for each of the categories of used parts we sell. These specifications are based on what is covered in our used parts warranties.

Engine assemblies include the block, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and oil pumps. Other parts that may arrive with your engine assembly include attached accessory parts such as switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, water pumps, and manifolds.

Transmission assemblies include the transmission housing/case, bellhousing, torque converter (included for automatic transmissions) and all internal components, including gears and shafts. Other parts that may arrive with your transmission assembly include external wiring, sensors, or other external parts that can be transferred from your current transmission.

Hybrid/electric batteries include the battery packs themselves and their internal parts and components. Your battery assembly may also arrive with external wiring or sensors that may be transferred from the battery pack you are replacing.

Axle assemblies include the differential and its internal parts, drive axles, wheel bearings, and wheel flanges.

Will the appearance of the replacement wheels I purchase from Get All Parts match my wheels?

Our replacement wheels have been color-matched to your original-equipment wheels' finishes and will match their appearance.

What is a reconditioned wheel?

A reconditioned wheel has been checked to ensure it is straight and true, stripped of paint and clearcoat, repainted to match the original equipment color, machined using a CNC lathe (if needed), and freshly clear-coated.

What is a used wheel? Will it work on my vehicle?

Used wheels from Get All Parts are exact original-equipment wheels from vehicle just like yours. A used wheel has been spun to ensure trueness (straightness), and then shelved "as is" for resale. Our used wheels may show very minor scratches or scuffs, but they will work safely as intended.

What is a compatible wheel?

A compatible wheel has been replicated based on the specifications of original-equipment wheels, and are sometimes referred to as a replica wheels. These items are the exact size, finish, and appearance as original-equipment wheels but do not carry original-equipment stampings on the back. Replica wheels become necessary when original-equipment wheels are difficult to locate or stock.

What does it mean when a mirror for sale on Get All Parts states "Paint to Match"?

"Paint to Match" means the mirror is primed and ready for a body or paint shop to color-match to your vehicle and paint. Get All Parts does not paint or prime mirror housings or covers prior to shipping.

“Paint to Match” will need to be primed and painted. Some paint to match items will already be primed either black or grey. Customers should expect to the mirror to need to be primed and painted upon arrival. Get All Parts does not choose which will be shipped.

Will the mirror assembly include the mirror?

Yes. The mirror assembly ships complete, and the housing is primed and ready to be painted.

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