Price-Match Guarantee

We'll meet or beat any advertised price!

We understand that price is very important to you as you consider which auto parts to buy and where to buy them. We are able to offer our products at highly-competitive prices due to our technology, infrastructure, logistical operations, and distribution strengths, which mean the prices you see on our products are likely the best you'll find anywhere.

However, sometimes competitors may offer a product at a lower price. In such a case, we guarantee to match the price of any competitor online.

Here's how this guarantee works.

  1. You notify our customer service team of our competitor's price.
  2. You provide evidence with a website address of where you found the better price to prove your claim is valid. For the price match to apply, the product must be of the same brand and quality, and must be in stock from that website’s retailer.
  3. Our customer service team will apply the price discount to your order.

Restrictions of our guarantee

  1. The discounted parts must be the exact equivalent. We reserve the right to determine whether the part in question is in fact an exact equivalent.
  2. The discounted part must be compared at the delivered price. No rebates or bundles.
  3. The discounted part must be in stock and ready to ship.
  4. The discounted part must be advertised and verifiable. We reserve the right to deny verbal quotes, but will consider any competitor's price.
  5. In most cases, we will not compete with online auctions.
  6. The price must be from a legitimate competitor's website, available to the general public. We do not compete with wholesalers.

We are confident in our prices. We hope that our price-match guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing you will get the best deal for parts from our website.

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