How to Replace a Side Door Mirror?

  • STEP #1 - Buy a new side view mirror. Get All Parts aftermarket mirror inventory is a good place to start. As the nation's leading supplier of mirror replacement parts and accessories, the site provides options for over 40 car manufacturer brands at excellent price.
  • STEP #2 - Once you have located the proper match for your make and model, next confirm your factory paint color code and determine if the glass needs to be replaced, or not.
  • STEP #3 - Wait for your new side door mirror to be delivered to your address. Shipping is super fast. Get All Parts ships as soon as you place your order.
  • STEP #4 - Finally, if you don't already have a trusted mechanic to replace your side door mirrors, vet local mechanics in your area or ask your friends or colleagues for a recommendation.
  • Side Door Mirror Replacement: How to Cut Costs

    If you are looking for ways to save money on side mirror replacement, there are three (3) things you can do.

  • 1. Buy the parts from an aftermarket supply store like Get All Parts (GAP) [linkto] where you can purchase mirrors for lower prices than official manufacturer parts.
  • 2. Install the mirror yourself, but make sure you don't do more damage and end up paying more for additional repairs. If you are not comfortable with doing the job yourself - leave it to the professionals.
  • 3. Try to find a skilled but less expensive mechanic. Also, check with the mechanic before you buy the side door mirror to make sure that you are buying a suitable model and that the mechanic is going to allow you to bring in your own parts.
  • Side Mirror Repair Incentive

    So, why fix the mirror at all?

    Even if you don't get pulled over and get a ticket or if it's legal to drive without a side mirror...don't get blindsided. Here are a few reasons you'll want to fix that mirror fast. Side mirror repair will:

  • Prevent disputes with an auto insurer.
  • Prevent traffic accidents by allowing you to see blind spots.
  • Increase the vehicle's resale value.
  • The bottom line is that driving with a damaged side mirror - or without one - is not particularly safe. So, the best option for anyone on the road is to have your broken or damaged mirror replaced as quickly as possible.