How to get the most money out of selling your car

You've decided that now is the time to sell your car. Maybe you've purchased something else that suits your needs better, Or maybe someone in your family no longer needs their car. You now have an extra vehicle you want to sell for cold, hard cash.

The following tips will help you sell your car fast and for more money.

1. Keep it clean

Before you do anything official to sell your car, give it a thorough cleaning. Go over the interior with a fine-toothed comb and make sure that every nook and cranny is spotless.

Use leather protectant or upholstery cleaner to remove stains. Spend extra time making sure the windshield and windows are clean and free of streaks.

Thoroughly wash the exterior of your car, paying particular attention to the underside and wheel wells. Wax the car to provide a glossy shine that also serves to protect the paint.

Are the floor mats trashed? Buy new ones. The expense will be worth the improvement they make in your car's appearance.

A clean car is easier to sell. It will also look better when it's time to take pictures. Make sure you replace any worn parts, such as light bulbs, before selling. Note the addition of any new parts in your ad description.

2. Be descriptive

Listing your car in marketplaces devoted to automobiles is one of the best ways to get the word out.

As part of that listing, make sure you have the specifics of your car correct before posting. The year, make, model and color are basics you must include. But consider adding more details to create interest and answer any potential questions.

Does your car have automatic transmission or manual transmission? How many speeds? What size is the engine? Provide the number of cylinders and displacement. Is it a quad, double, or single-cab truck? How about the trim level? Is it LS, LT, or XLT?

Other details you should provide in your listing:

  • Number of miles on the odometer
  • Any warranties that will carry over to the new owner
  • Title information - clean, rebuilt, salvaged?
  • Owner smoked, or didn't?
  • Mainly highway miles or in-town?
  • Have you kept service and repair records?
  • Keep in mind that some upgrades are more attractive to buyers than others. Alloy wheels may be the best feature for resale value. But moon roofs may actually turn people away. Premium stereos are great. A large spoiler may not be.

    Highlight the features that are most likely to help you sell.

    3. Say it with pictures

    When it comes to selling a car, ads with pictures get more responses and a quicker sale. Take pictures that are well-lit, bright, focused, and detail-oriented. They'll bring your vehicle to the viewer and allow them to get to know it more intimately.

    Take your viewers on a virtual walk-through of your car. This provides them with an amazing amount of information that can be difficult to convey in words alone. A picture can also show any blemishes so viewers can see their exact nature and the extent of the damage. Honesty can go a long way to securing an early sale.

    Following these basic tips can give you a solid foundation for selling your car for the most money. If you need to replace any of its exterior parts before listing it for sale, Get All Parts carries an extensive selection of items for a range of makes and models.