Honda Accords - New vs Used

Manufactured since 1976, the Honda Accord has been associated with a variety of nameplates across the globe including hatchbacks, crossovers, wagons, and coupes. Throughout the years, the makers of the Honda Accord have included a plethora of features that consumers want the most. This is a key factor behind the vehicle's 15-year run as the best selling Japanese car in the United States.

Nine Generations

Currently, the Honda Accord is in its ninth generation and offers drivers numerous options as far as features they can choose. These include a 16 valve, 2.4 liters, 4 cylinder engine capable of delivering 181 pounds of torque with a continuously variable transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. A 24 -valve, 3.5 liters, 6 cylinder engine that is combined with either an automatic transmission or one that is manual is also available.

Honda Accords Have Stood the Test of Time

A Honda Accord is one of the few cars whose resale value is as strong for a used car as it is for one that is brand new. There are a number of reasons for this. The vehicle's reliability is legendary as is its ability to be economical at the pump. Still, other people are drawn to the brand because of the unique body styles the vehicle has been through across its lifetime. In fact, when a Honda Accord is available for resale, it is often snapped up quickly.

Replacing Parts on the Honda Accord

Another reason for the continued popularity of the Honda Accord brand is the ability to find high-quality parts. With a selection of replacements parts from 1976 forward, Get All Parts is the preferred location for one-stop shopping for Honda Accord parts like radiators, side door mirrors, hoods, front fenders, and tail lights. This assures those people who invest in a used Honda Accord that they can fix their vehicle. In fact, due to its incredible popularity, many people are happy to find a Honda Accord that needs an engine.


Regardless of which year Honda Accord you are fortunate enough to have, Get All Parts has a diverse selection of high-quality used and new parts to help you maintain it and personalize it to make it your own. With the ability to offer fast shipping from 200 locations across the country and offering a five-year warranty, Get All Parts is an industry favorite with Honda Accord owners of all types.