Five Easy Auto Upgrades

Put a few years on even the best-looking car or truck and some of that showroom appeal will start to fade. Maybe you’ve been wishing you could get some upgrades for your ride, but you’re hesitant to shell out the money.
Why not do it yourself? With the low cost of available replacement and upgrade parts, you can take years off your auto in an afternoon. Summertime is the best time to knock out those replacement projects. Let us help you get started with five upgrade ideas you can take care of all by yourself.

1. A replacement or upgraded grille

The grille is one of the most distinguishing features of your car or truck. A cracked or missing grille will greatly decrease its aesthetic appeal. Most auto owners don’t know how easy a new grill can be to install.
This is especially true for aftermarket grille upgrades. These grilles are custom made to fit your exact car or truck model, and bolt permanently it to remain securely in place. One of the more popular grille upgrades is a chrome-finish "honeycomb" design grille. But there are other designs, such as "blackout" grilles, that will suit your personal tastes. Shop around until you find the replacement grille that you like best.

2. Chrome or stainless steel trim kits

Adding the shine and appeal of chrome or stainless steel trim add-ons to your car or truck is a quick and easy way to set it apart from others. Common chrome and stainless steel upgrades include pillar post covers, mirror covers, fender flares, and fender vents. You can add just one upgrade or a whole set depending on your tastes.
To save money and time, consider purchasing an entire chrome or stainless steel upgrade kit, which includes many of the items mentioned in one package, custom-made just for your model. These items fasten securely to your vehicle using 3M tape strips or fasteners, so you can apply them in minutes in your own garage or driveway.

3. Headlight and tail light assemblies

Your headlight and tail light lenses will likely be the first victim of a fender bender, or unexpected "encounter" with a parking lot light. A cracked lens can allow water into the light assembly, which can blow out a bulb or short out a wire. Replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.
Here’s where you may need help from your car or truck’s owner’s manual. Light assemblies can be somewhat tricky to access. But once you do, removing them involves merely removing a few screws or bolts and unplugging them from the wiring harness. It’s a good idea to take a quick photo of the assembly before you remove it so you’ll remember where all the parts go.
Helpful tip: Never touch a halogen bulb with your fingertips. Hold it only by its base, as oils on your fingers can shorten the bulb’s life.

4. Running boards

Own a full-sized pickup or SUV? Give yourself and your passengers a leg up! Aftermarket running boards install easily and add a touch of chrome shine to your vehicle. Some smaller trucks and cars also look good with running boards attached. See which types of running boards fit your vehicle the best and make it stand out.

5. Wheel covers, hubcaps, and trim rings

Alloy wheels are surprisingly inexpensive upgrades. But if you still don’t have the cash for a set of rims, less costly options look great, too!
Consider replacing the entire wheel cover. You likely won’t even have to dismount the wheel to do this. Get All Parts carries replacement wheel covers that match your current covers, and will restore your wheels to like-new appearance.
Or, go with a set of hubcaps or trim rings to add a touch of style to your existing steel wheels. Stainless steel or chrome trim rings attach quickly and securely to your wheels in just a couple of steps. You’ll be surprised how much appeal they add to your vehicle’s overall appearance.
With help from Get All Parts, your vehicle will get a few bumps up in the looks department in no time. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you did it all yourself, and saved money on the best aftermarket auto parts on the web. Happy summer driving!