Wheel Covers and Hub Caps

Steel wheels are not a glamorous or flashy type of wheel. Dressing up steel wheels with factory OE or replicated (aftermarket) wheel covers or hubcaps may be just what your steel wheels need. Some wheel covers can even give the wheel the appearance of a fancier aluminum rim. Get All Parts stocks thousands of wheel covers you can purchase as a set or individually, so whether you need one or four, we have you covered. Shop confidently with Get All Parts' easy navigation tools to find the right wheel cover or hubcap for your car or truck.

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Competitive advantage: Replacement wheel covers and hubcaps from Get All Parts save you money and time

Get All Parts carries a wide assortment of replacement wheel covers and hubcaps for just about any vehicle. Our huge selection of replacement products gives us the competitive edge to provide quick order turnaround, which means less time waiting for your product to arrive at your door. Find wheel covers and hubcaps made for your vehicle.

Wheel covers and hubcaps in depth

Wheels are a very noticeable part of your vehicle, so keeping them looking good adds to the overall appeal of your vehicle. Most steel wheels are covered by a wheel cover or hubcap to dress them up. A missing or damaged wheel cover causes a quick drop in your car or truck’s appeal. Replacement original equipment wheel covers and hubcaps are factory originals. This is a good inexpensive option when you need to replace one or more damaged OE hubcaps or wheel covers. Rings and clips are included (unless noted) so all you need to do is carefully press the new cover on to your wheel.

Replicated wheel covers and hubcaps may also be referred to as “aftermarkets.” Don’t confuse these with covers and hubcaps that fit aftermarket wheels. These replacements are actually original equipment wheel covers and hubcaps manufactured because the originals are no longer available, or are extremely popular and difficult to keep inventoried. Aftermarket wheel covers and hubcaps look, fit, and perform every bit as well as the original equipment versions. Rings and clips are included for easy installation.

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