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Factory original-equipment aluminum wheels, also called alloy wheels or alloy rims, appear on more and more current car and truck models. Alloy wheels are a great upgrade from steel wheels. They will improve the look of any vehicle, including yours. Get All Parts offers one of the nation's most extensive inventories of replacement, remanufactured, original-equipment alloy wheels, gently used factory OE alloy wheels (also called "takeoffs"), and replicated aluminum wheels. Use our easy navigation to find the best alloy wheels for your vehicle.

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Competitive advantage: Replacement alloy wheels from Get All Parts save you money and time

Get All Parts carries a wide assortment of replacement alloy wheels for just about any vehicle. Our huge selection of replacement products gives us the competitive edge to provide quick order turnaround, which means less time waiting for your product to arrive at your door. Find an original equipment, replica, or used aluminum wheel made for your vehicle below dealer prices.

Alloy wheels in depth

When the alloy wheels on your vehicle become damaged, you have several options for replacing them. Whether you choose a remanufactured alloy wheel, used wheel, or replica wheel, Get All Parts has the alloy wheel you need to get your vehicle safely back on the road, at a price you can afford.

You could also consider an alloy wheel to replace your undersized temporary ("donut" spare) wheel, as a full-sized alloy wheel is a much safer option. Another consideration is to use a set of steel wheels in place of alloys in winter, protecting the more expensive wheels from the elements. Whichever option you are considering – replacing a damaged wheel or temporary spare, or buying winter wheels - we have what you need.


If you are looking for a wheel with a like-new appearance, but without a like-new price tag, purchase a reconditioned OEM aluminum alloy wheel from Get All Parts. We test our reconditioned OE wheels to ensure they are repairable. Afterward, we clean the wheels, strip them of both finish and clear coat, repair minor cosmetic damages, machine them if needed, and finally repaint and clear-coat. Remanufactured wheels will look like a brand new wheel, without the brand-new price.


Some dealership customers will upgrade the look of their vehicles, and will trade in their OE wheels for better, fancier wheels. Dealers sell these “takeoffs” to Get All Parts for resale. We test them to ensure roundness, but these wheels may retain slight scratches or marks. In all respects they are high-quality wheel with low mileage. Takeoffs are excellent upgrades you can have installed in place of damaged OE wheels, costing you less than reconditioned wheels because they do not go through the reconditioning.


Some original-equipment wheels are rare or are in high demand, so inventory is difficult to maintain. Replica aluminum wheels are a great alternative to original equipment. Replicated wheels are built to OE specifications, and finished to OE standards. In all respects, the replicated wheel looks and performs exactly like an original equipment wheel. The only difference between a replicated wheel and an OE wheel is the lack of OE stampings on the back of the replicated wheel.


A variety of finishes are available on alloy wheels. There may be some finishes available with one wheel that are not available on another. Knowing what type of finish is on the wheels on your car will help you to quickly select a replacement.

Chrome, which is very popular due to its shiny, mirror-finish appearance, offers a unique look over traditional painted finishes. Chrome finish comes from a process of adhering electro-chemically deposited chromium to the wheel.

If you are looking for a wheel that has that chrome-like look, but you don’t want to pay the price of chrome, consider a polished wheel. Polish is similar to chrome, but is not as bright. Looking into the face of the wheel will reveal a distorted reflection. These wheels are machine-polished to a high luster, and then receive a high-gloss clear coat application. Polished wheels will lend as much elegance and style to your as chrome, but at a lower cost.

Another shiny option is a machined face finish. Lathing produces fine machining lines across the face of the wheel. Next, paint is applied in between the spokes, or in the “pockets,” of the wheel. A clear coat application protect the finish on the wheel face.

Flange-cut wheels are painted across the entire face of the wheel, including between the spokes. The outer edge of the wheel is then machined to add a bit of shine. A clear coat application protects the finish.

A slightly duller wheel in appearance is the full-face painted wheel. This wheel is finished similarly to the flange-cut wheel, but features no machining.

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