Been Rear Ended?

Don’t just assume everything is ok.

If you’ve just been involved in a minor car crash, a "fender bender", you may not think that repairing or replacing a bumper is important. But, it is. Beyond contributing to the unified look and design of your vehicle, the bumper cover also adds another layer of protection in the case of future collisions.

Here, we help you assess when it’s time to replace a bumper or whether a simple repair will do. Then, we break down the costs and aid you in choosing the best quality replacement bumper without it costing an arm and a leg. Finally, we invite your feedback at the end.

2 Signs You Need a Bumper Replacement

It is very important to inspect your bumpers after a car crash...even if it was a minor fender bender. Sometimes, a bumper only needs repairs. In other cases, it will need to be replaced. So how can you know what to do?

General safety rules suggest that you should replace your bumper in the following two cases.

  • The bumper is cracked. If there are any cracks in the bumper they will significantly affect the structural integrity of the bumper. This means that the bumper will offer less protection if the car suffers another accident.,/li>
  • The cost for repair is higher than a new bumper. Inspect the extent of the damage. Any larger damages or dents will need to be filled in and then repainted, which can end up costing you more time and money compared to simply buying a replacement bumper. We compare costs in detail below.