Battery Light ON in Your Car?

The battery light is a warning that you’ll see on the dashboard of your car. When the battery light is on, it indicates a malfunctioning or poor charging of the battery. In fact, this light turns on whenever the charging system does not charge the battery with a voltage above approximately 13.5 volts.

Is an illuminated battery light too late for action?


When the battery light is on, you can still drive your car to a mechanic’s garage. You will not damage anything. But, you want to get your car to a mechanic before the battery fails completely. This is because vehicles can run off the energy stored in the battery. They run fine until the battery goes dead. At that point, nothing in your car will work.

Electrical Updates Can Help

Today’s cars are not just vehicles. They are complex computers with information systems that rely on steady electrical power to run properly. So, if you think that your car battery is being drained by your car’s electrical parts…Why not consider an update?

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Aftermarket parts are generally cheaper than new parts from dealerships. Why else might you consider an electrical update?

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