Frequently-asked questions about the Get All Parts affiliate program

What is an affiliate program, and how does it work?

An affiliate program, in this case an affiliate advertising program, is a way for one website to advertise on another. With Get All Parts, we’re interested in advertising our products on other websites (“publishers”), and we’re willing to pay those sites for placing our ads and driving traffic and sales to us. Once a publisher’s commission threshold reaches a certain level, they receive payment.

Who can participate?

Get All Parts is interested in partnering with just about any website or web-based organization that is able to meet our guidelines, and those of our facilitator, CJ Affiliate. The size of your business isn’t the issue, as long as you can provide traffic from the ads you place on your site to Get All Parts. Ultimately, Get All Parts has the right to accept or reject potential publishers based on our business standards.

What is CJ Affiliate? Why are you working with them?

CJ Affiliate is a leading facilitator of affiliate website partnerships. They provide the technology that makes things easier for both advertisers and publishers. They also make sure publishers get paid for qualified commissions.

What are the start-up costs for participating?

There are none, other than the time it will take to sign up, learn the policies, and place and maintain the advertisements. The program has no initial cash investment.

How do you track clicks from our site to yours?

CJ Affiliate creates and provides customized links for each advertiser-publisher relationship. Publishers use those links in text or image ads. We are able to monitor and track publishers’ clickthroughs using CJ Affiliate’s dashboard, and we also know when publishers earn commissions and how much their payments will be.

How much will I/we earn in commissions?

Get All Parts offers a 10-percent commission on qualified sales from publishers’ linked traffic. Using cookie technology, Get All Parts will honor sales from traffic up to 30 days after a visitor initially clicked a trackable link. Get All Parts cannot guarantee any commission amount for any publisher. Each publisher’s results can vary depending upon many factors.

How and when will I get paid?

A payment to a publisher is triggered when their commission amount reaches a predetermined threshold. CJ Affiliate will provide payment through the method the publisher chooses at registration.

How do I sign up?

You may sign up by either

  1. Clicking the Sign Up link below and following the instructions to create an account with CJ Affiliate and registering as a publisher with Get All Parts, or
  2. Signing up for a publisher account directly with CJ Affiliate, and then searching for and registering with Get All Parts as a publisher.

Okay, I’m signed up! Now what do I do?

You will receive an email from Get All Parts welcoming you to our affiliate program. This email will explain how to begin your publisher duties.

How do I create links to Get All Parts?

We will create links to Get All Parts that you may access through your publisher account. If you are familiar with the format and comfortable with creating your own links, you may do so as long as they follow CJ Affiliate’s guidelines. Our program policies do not allow publishers to link directly to our website without using tracking code.

How do I get help if I’m having with a problem with a link, a payment, or other questions about using CJ Affiliate?

Log into your CJ Affiliate account and visit their customer support center page.

How can I contact Get All Parts if I have other questions about our affiliate partnership?

Please email our marketing team at