Lincoln Rear Axle Assemblies

From older cars with three-speed transmissions, to current models featuring five, six, or even eight-speeds, an automotive transmission does the hard work of transferring engine torque to the axles. Whether it’s automatic or manual, a transmission uses a set of gears to bring your car or truck from a standstill into motion, across every level of speed or acceleration. The amount of constant work your transmission performs means it experiences constant stress and wear. If it’s time to replace your transmission, consider the affordable and reliable option of a recycled or remanufactured transmission assembly from Get All Parts. Find the automatic or manual transmission for your vehicle and see how much you can save.

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Competitive advantage: Recycled and remanufactured rear axle assemblies from Get All Parts save you money and time

Get All Parts carries a wide assortment of used rear axle assemblies and accessories for just about any rear-wheel drive vehicle. Our huge selection of remanufactured and recycled mechanical parts gives us the competitive edge to provide the parts you need at a much lower cost than new parts, with additional savings for in-warehouse pickup or delivery to a commercial address. Use our easy site navigation to find the right rear axle assembly for your car, truck, SUV, or even a commercial heavy-duty vehicle.

Rear axle assemblies in depth

There was a time when rear-axle differential assemblies were common in all automobiles. With today’s large number of front-wheel drive cars and trucks, rear axle assemblies are more often used on sports cars, full-sized pickup trucks and vans, and luxury or executive cars. Rear-wheel drive tends to deliver better power in larger vehicles with higher-output engines. The rear axle assemblies on these vehicles transfer power from the drive axle to the rear wheel axles.

The basic problem that these assemblies solve is the need to transmit torque from an axle that is spinning perpendicularly from the wheel axles. This is the task of the rear differential, which contains a set of gears that accomplishes this power transfer. The differential can compensate for changing torque amounts as well as independently turning rear axles. This gear set is housed in a differential case that protects it from debris and road objects, while also holding lubricants that keep the gears moving fluidly with less friction. The differential contains many more complex parts and systems. Other parts of the rear axle assembly include the rear axles, wheel bearings and seals, and the axle flanges on which the wheels are mounted.

Used rear axle assemblies from Get All Parts include all these parts and components, and may also include other parts that may assist your professional mechanic with installation. Get All Parts thoroughly inspects each assembly before inventorying and sale, and our identification system ensures you’ll receive the correct rear axle assembly for your vehicle.

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