Wheel Trim Rings

When you are in the market to dress up your wheels, adding a trim ring or “beauty ring” to your wheels can do just the trick. Trim rings are an inexpensive upgrade for to your wheels. Usually accentuating steel rims, trim rings are available for aluminum wheels as well. They enhance other chrome or polished fixtures you may have on your vehicle. Get All Parts is a great place to shop for chrome or polished wheel trim rings and other chrome and polished upgrade accessories.

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Competitive advantage: Chrome or polished wheel trim rings from Get All Parts save you money and time

Get All Parts carries a wide assortment of aftermarket chrome or polished wheel trim rings for just about any vehicle. Our huge selection of aftermarket products gives us the competitive edge to provide quick order turnaround, which means less time waiting for your product to arrive at your door. Find a chrome or polished wheel trim ring made for your vehicle, below dealer prices.

Chrome or polished wheel trim rings in depth

Trim rings snap onto a wheel to add a chromed or polished finish to wheels around the rim. These accessories are constructed from highly-polished stainless steel or triple chrome-plated ABS plastic. Trim rings belong to the hubcap and wheel cover family of accessories. Also called “beauty rings,” they dress up the appearance of your wheels while protecting them from the harmful effects of road salts and debris.

There are three styles of trim rings to choose from: deep dish, flat, and standard. Clips on the backs of the trim rings grip the wheels to hold the accessories in place. One installation technique is to remove the wheel and place it on the garage floor, front side up. This will make pressing the trim ring onto the wheel easier. Whatever your technique, press carefully to avoid damaging the ring or the mounting clips.

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